This is an UNOFFICIAL link site and message board for english speaking “open” discussions on the New Apostolic Church (NAC). We want this to be a neutral site for all opinions and hope that all participants recognize and respect opposing view points and are above profanity.

Unlike the official site, where everything is in oneness, over here various participants have strong opinions which may not agree with the official NAC party line, be warned. Open discussion means “within the confines of any rules that the Founder and Admins have deemed necessary to promote the stated purpose of this board”.

Thank you

The NACBoard Prophet's Prognostications For U.S. New Apostolic Church Closings

"Any congregations* within, say 30 minutes (ignoring traffic) of each other, will be consolidated. Within 3 years or less. Any smaller congregations consolidated up to 60 minute radius, if lacking ministers (and $). Within 5 years... In seven years, the remote locals will be gone."

~ KBB ~

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